Aluminium cylinder heads

We now have aluminium cylinder heads for Alvis 4.3 and Speed 25 in production and available for pre-order.  Speed 25 will be ready at the end of February, and 4.3 during April / May.  Please contact us for details or to place and order.


Alvis success on the 2017 ERA Blue Train Challenge

We prepared  two Alvis cars for the ERA Blue Train Rally this year – a 1934 Speed 20 SB Vanden plas sports tourer (car 10) and a 1938 Speed 25 Charlesworth Drophead Coupe (car 26).

The Blue Train Challenge is a 5 day event crossing France from Deauville to Cannes via Fontevraud, Vichy, Lyon, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue with a mixture of touring and regularity and time control sections .  Click here to read the rally reports and view the official photos:  blue train rally reports .

Both cars performed well, with the Speed 20 winning 1st in class and the Speed 25 winning the Concourse d’Elegance trophy.  Here they are returning to Earley Engineering this week for cleaning and servicing.

Goodwin Special at Chateau Impney 2017

The Goodwin Special attended its first event in 30 years this month at the Chateau Impney Hillclimb on 8th/9th July 2017. The car ran well on Saturday but didn’t run on Sunday due to Scintilla magneto issues – the decision was taken not to risk engine damage by doing a timed run.  The problem was fixed on return to the workshops this week and the car will be out at other events later in the season.


Two Alvis to join the 2017 Rally Round Samurai Challenge in Japan

Our usual suspects Jan Woien / Jan Erik Hansen and Jose / Maria Romao de Sousa are entered on the Rally Round Samurai Challenge this year.  Rally Round describes the Samurai Challenge as “the first UK-organised competitive rally ever to visit Japan, running over 23 days in Spring 2017 – cherry blossom season – when crews will compete on a series of regularity sections along a spectacular route of 3,272km (2,033miles) from Fukuoka in the south to Lake Toya in the north.” A relatively gentle drive compared to some of the previous rallies Jan and Jan Erik have entered!

The cars

Jose and Maria Romao de Sousa are driving their Alvis Speed 20 SA.  The car was comprehensively restored by Earley Engineering in the 90’s and is still in fine order.  Enjoyed now more than ever and driven energetically for the last few years . Since Jose has owned the car, he has competed in a number of events including two ERA Flying Scotsman rallies and two HERO 1000 Mile Trials, coming 3rd in class on the 2015 Flying Scotsman and taking the Concourse d’Elegance prize at the 2015 1000 Mile Trial.

Jan Woien and Jan Erik Hansen will compete in their Alvis Speed 20/25 .  The car has competed, and achieved brilliant results, in several endurance rally events including the Rally Round Tiger Rally Malaysia 2012, ERA Vintage Cape Horn 2013, ERA Trans America Challenge 2015, and the ERA Flying Scotsman 2016.  As usual, we expect good things from this highly competitive duo in “The Black Rocket”!

The cars are undergoing final preparations and test drives this week before they are shipped out to Japan at the end of January.

Goodwin Special to return to hill-climbing at Chateau Impney 2017

The Goodwin Special will compete at the Chateau Impney hill-climb this year after a period of over 30 years away from the track.  Expect to see the car running at other events soon to be announced, so keep an eye out for more news.

The car is a one-off special built by Billy and Eric Goodwin in 1948.  It is currently undergoing strip down and preparations for the season. The suspension, shock absorbers, braking system, cooling system and fuel system are being totally rebuilt along with a full engine re-fresh to Earley Engineering specifications. It is currently N/A but later this year the engine is going back to original supercharged specification. It was supercharged from 1948 – 1955 while it competed. Testing and set up work will start in April/May.


Engine: Alvis 6 cylinder; capacity 4387 cc; bore and stroke 92 x 110mm; three SU carburettors; overhead valves, operated by pushrods from single ’high lift’ and longer duration camshaft driven from rear of engine with an Earley Engineering adjustable cam sprocket, steel crankshaft and con rods, high compression pistons, ported and gas-flowed cylinder head, Scintilla Vertex magneto. Lightened and knife edged crank, light flywheel, blue printed engine components and dynamically balanced. New expanding tube manifold and exhaust system with silencer option/deletion for various track db restrictions under construction, new radiator and fuel tanks also under construction.

Chassis: Tubular construction with channel bracing, front and rear cross braces to mount suspension, differential, etc. Engine and gearbox solid mounted acting as stressed members of the chassis.

Transmission: Alvis 4 speed Silver Crest all synchromesh

Suspension: Front: Twin wishbone with torsion bar and telescopic shocks; Rear: Twin wishbone, rose joints with transverse leaf spring and telescopic shocks

Wheels: Front: 600 x 18; Rear: 500 x 19 Twin (hillclimb set up) and single 650 x 19 (track set up)

Brakes: Lockheed hydraulic twin leading shoes, alloy drums

Lubrication: Wet sump with high pressure oil pump

Bodywork: Single seater aluminium

Dimensions: Wheelbase 8’6”; track 4’6”; weight 18cwt


Shelsey Walsh         

1948 International unlimited class record

1951 June 44.01 2nd in class

1951 September 43.00 2nd in class

1952 August 41.01 1st in class

1953 June 40.46 1st in class

1954 August 39.70 1st in class

Alvis Firefly finishes 2016 Peking-Paris 1st in class

Well they did it!  Alex Vassbotten and Ole Havn arrived safely in Paris after 13695 kilometers and 36 days travelling across China, Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Switzerland and France.  Their 1933 Alvis Firefly, prepared by Earley Engineering, needed just two replacement fan belts, a new water temp gauge and some grease to keep it going and it arrived in top condition in Paris on Sunday 17 July.

The car performed brilliantly from the start and Alex and Ole quickly climbed up the leader board, finishing 9th overall and a well-deserved 1st in class.  The champagne will be flowing in Paris this evening as Earley Engineering’s Managing Director Alex Simpson joins the crew and their families for a big celebration.

Oh – and it looks like the Alex and Ole even cleaned the car before sending it home to us. Thanks guys!


Photos courtesy of:

José Romão De Sousa

New electronic fuel injection system for Alvis TD / TE / TF21

We have developed a new electronic fuel injection system for Alvis TD / TE / TF 21 cars.

The system features:

  • custom made 6-port fuel injection manifolds
  • twin throttle bodies
  • ECU controlling fuel injection and ignition
  • Sensors for throttle position and air, water and oil temperature
  • Fully mapped


  • Fitted to the Alvis TD21 pictured, achieves nearly 160bhp and 210 lb/ft torque from 1,500rpm with perfect power curve and no hot start issues. TEs and TFs will achieve more.
  • Improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions – reduced environmental impact
  • The system is FULLY REVERSIBLE, allowing refit of original components.

We fitted the system with great success on the Alvis TD21 drophead coupe featured in the photos and launched it at the Alvis Owner Club International Weekend 2016 in Warwickshire.

The system is available now – please contact us for further details or to discuss this modification for your car.


Alvis Firefly on the ERA Peking to Paris Rally

Alex Vassbotten and Ole Havn driving car #20 in the 2016 ERA Peking to Paris Rally are currently 3rd in class and 23rd overall on the 9th day of the rally.  They report the car is running well and no major problems so far as they cross Mongolia.  Follow their progress on the ERA website and facebook pages: