Goodwin Special To Return To Hill-climbing At Chateau Impney 2017

The Goodwin Special will compete at the Chateau Impney hill-climb this year after a period of over 30 years away from the track.  Expect to see the car running at other events soon to be announced, so keep an eye out for more news.

The car is a one-off special built by Billy and Eric Goodwin in 1948.  It is currently undergoing strip down and preparations for the season. The suspension, shock absorbers, braking system, cooling system and fuel system are being totally rebuilt along with a full engine re-fresh to Earley Engineering specifications. It is currently N/A but later this year the engine is going back to original supercharged specification. It was supercharged from 1948 – 1955 while it competed. Testing and set up work will start in April/May.


Engine: Alvis 6 cylinder; capacity 4387 cc; bore and stroke 92 x 110mm; three SU carburettors; overhead valves, operated by pushrods from single ’high lift’ and longer duration camshaft driven from rear of engine with an Earley Engineering adjustable cam sprocket, steel crankshaft and con rods, high compression pistons, ported and gas-flowed cylinder head, Scintilla Vertex magneto. Lightened and knife edged crank, light flywheel, blue printed engine components and dynamically balanced. New expanding tube manifold and exhaust system with silencer option/deletion for various track db restrictions under construction, new radiator and fuel tanks also under construction.

Chassis: Tubular construction with channel bracing, front and rear cross braces to mount suspension, differential, etc. Engine and gearbox solid mounted acting as stressed members of the chassis.

Transmission: Alvis 4 speed Silver Crest all synchromesh

Suspension: Front: Twin wishbone with torsion bar and telescopic shocks; Rear: Twin wishbone, rose joints with transverse leaf spring and telescopic shocks

Wheels: Front: 600 x 18; Rear: 500 x 19 Twin (hillclimb set up) and single 650 x 19 (track set up)

Brakes: Lockheed hydraulic twin leading shoes, alloy drums

Lubrication: Wet sump with high pressure oil pump

Bodywork: Single seater aluminium

Dimensions: Wheelbase 8’6”; track 4’6”; weight 18cwt


Shelsey Walsh         

1948 International unlimited class record

1951 June 44.01 2nd in class

1951 September 43.00 2nd in class

1952 August 41.01 1st in class

1953 June 40.46 1st in class

1954 August 39.70 1st in class