Performance Tuning

Up to 240 bhp and  295 lb/ft of torque and no supercharger? Yes, it is possible with our development engines.  We have started a special development programme for 3.5 and 4.3 litre Alvis Speed model engines.  We can develop any specification of engine to suit fast road, rally and race applications.

We have specially developed the following items:

  • High specification custom-made forged pistons – custom compressions, special ring groove and pressure seal groove designs, special coatings, etc. Now available, 6 weeks to manufacture.
  • Steel crankshafts and con rods specially developed and modified. Fully counter-balanced, lightened and balanced crankshafts to any specification from fast road to full race designs.  Now available – 2 months for cranks and 4 weeks for rods.
  • New purpose made flywheels. Now available in light or superlight specification – in stock.
  • High performance clutch. Now in stock.
  • Roller rockers, different rocker ratios available. Now in stock.
  • New valve guide liner technology. Now available.
  • New high specification valves, springs, retainers, lash caps, etc.
  • Custom made light weight push rods.
  • Alloy cylinder heads.
  • Custom made high specification crankshaft dampers. Now in stock.
  • High specification oil pumps.
  • Specially developed performance camshafts. Now available – 4 weeks to manufacture.
  • New high performance head gaskets using latest fire ring and sealing technology.
  • ARP cylinder head stud kits – rolled threads, nuts and washers. Now in stock.
  • Engine component coatings, DLC, molycotes, superfinishing processes. Now available.
  • Special high precision boring and honing techniques.

New components are always in development.