Due to demand from our customers and during the course of competition car development, we have manufactured a small range of precision-made components.  These parts have been developed to endure the rigours of competition driving – all parts are made from EN28 and are precision ground and hardened.  We carry a limited stock which is available for purchase and have limited the range to wearable components that we feel could benefit the wider Alvis market.  Our main range of components can be seen in the gallery below, please contact us to place your order or for more information.

Steering and Suspension

We have the following steering and suspension parts available now:

  • New king pin and bushes for all Alvis Speed 20’s, 3.5 Litre, Speed 25 and 4.3 litre models. Also all Firefly, Firebird, and Silver Eagles.
  • Trunion pins and bushes
  • Spring bushes
  • Inner wishbone pins
  • Steering joints
  • Steering crank sleeves
  • Speed 20/25 front spring saddles
  • Steering ball pins and lignum joints – both sizes available to cover everything from Firefly to 4.3

Starter Bendix Gears

Many cars have problems with worn bendix gears.  We have in stock new Alvis starter bendix gears for Firefly, Firebird and late model Silver Eagles, all Speed models, 3.5 Litre, and early Speed 25 models.   These are beautifully machined and come ready to fit.


Full synchromesh gear sets for Speed 20 SB to 4.3 Litre models are currently out of stock and we are looking into manufacture of further sets with constant mesh, 2nd and 3rd gear pairs being manufactured with new synchro cones.  We are also manufacturing and have in stock new flanged main and lay shaft bearings which have been unavailable in this original form for many years.  No modifications are required to fit other off the shelf bearings.  


Earley Engineering hubs, drive plates, pins and nuts are available to order now.


Further component developments may added to the range and will be featured on our News page and in the gallery below.

Adjustable timing sprocket

Ball pin and lignum

Bell crank pin

Bell housing drive flange

Bendix gear


Cam shaft follower

Drive plate pin

Oil pump gear

Inner wishbone pin

Manifold studs

Drive plate

Exhaust manifolds

Head studs

Cylinder head

King pin and bushes

Cylinder head

Cylinder head

Oil pump shaft post war

Oil pump

Speed model brake cam adjuster

Spring saddle

Steering arm

Steering box cam

Steering box clamp

TD TE TF throttle cage and lever

Valve spring cap and collet