Engineering Solutions

Chassis rebuilds

Chassis repairs can be carried out and prepared to concours standards with even the most badly corroded and accident damaged examples.  We specialise in the re-engineering and rebuild of every rolling chassis component.

This doesn’t mean repainting a bare chassis. In many cases we dismantle the chassis into its component parts, shot blast, repair and replace where necessary with new material including full chassis rail or cross member fabrication.  Then re-jig and fit new hot rivets to bring back better than new chassis strength and correct geometry and alignments.

As a result we are known for producing reliable cars with excellent handling and steering.  We are able to reproduce the original operating angles of steering and suspension components to restore the original driving experience of the cars.

Engine rebuilds

Engine rebuilds are carried out by our highly skilled technicians.  Components are dynamically balanced for superbly smooth and refined driving characteristics.

Engines rebuilt by us have competed on some of the most strenuous of European, South American and Asian rallies, requiring little more than topping-up with fluids and fine tuning after many thousands of hard driven miles.  We can build your engine for total reliability, whether you use your car for everyday driving, normal touring, competition or long distance endurance events, incorporating some special modifications developed by our engineers.

Mechanical repair and rebuild

We have full engine rebuild facilities and engineers with over 45 years of Alvis engine experience.  With our engineering expertise, the engines we rebuild are of the highest quality and have superb driving characteristics and reliability – no stone is left unturned.  We can build your engine for normal road use or prepare it for competitive rally and touring events.  There are many sensible modifications developed by our engineers to enable you to enjoy your Alvis under modern road and traffic conditions.  We offer an overhaul service for carburettors, distributors, dynamos, starter motors, instruments etc. and we have extensive in-house machining skills. 

Suspension and steering

Many of the cars that arrive in our workshops are spoilt by worn or badly adjusted steering and suspension due to part-restoration.  It is possible to transform the Alvis driving experience with these areas corrected.  Customers are often amazed after problems ignored for years by others are rectified, providing a driving experience better than they ever believed possible.

Transmission and drive train

Gearbox and differential rebuilds and modifications are undertaken in house.  We have vast experience with all Alvis models in this area, particularly with pre-war gearboxes. We have developed new pre-war synchromesh gear sets which are available now.