New Electronic Fuel Injection System for Alvis TD / TE / TF21

We have developed a new electronic fuel injection system for Alvis TD / TE / TF 21 cars.

The system features:

  • custom made 6-port fuel injection manifolds
  • twin throttle bodies
  • ECU controlling fuel injection and ignition
  • Sensors for throttle position and air, water and oil temperature
  • Fully mapped


  • Fitted to the Alvis TD21 pictured, achieves nearly 160bhp and 210 lb/ft torque from 1,500rpm with perfect power curve and no hot start issues. TEs and TFs will achieve more.
  • Improved fuel consumption, reduced emissions – reduced environmental impact
  • The system is FULLY REVERSIBLE, allowing refit of original components.

We fitted the system with great success on the Alvis TD21 drophead coupe featured in the photos and launched it at the Alvis Owner Club International Weekend 2016 in Warwickshire.

The system is available now – please contact us for further details or to discuss this modification for your car.