Limited Slip Differential by Earley Engineering

We have developed and tested a new limited slip differential unit for the Alvis Speed Model to 4.3 Litre range of cars.  Not only does this solve the increasingly common problem of worn diff units but also significantly improves the performance of the diff, allowing cars to put their power down more effectively – very useful for competitive Alpine rallies and race cars.  There are the obvious handling / traction benefits to be had but we also see significant reduction in half shaft and hub wear as drive is more evenly spread on both sides of the axle.

We have now developed this unit further and it is proving extremely popular.  We have developed a new ARP bolt fixing and altered certain dimensions to ease the shimming and fitment.  Unfortunately the unit is not available off the shelf as very specific set up and other adjustments are required.  However we can offer a fitment service by sending us either the car (this is the preferred option as test drives and fine tuning of the unit are sometimes required) or your full axle.

Please call for details on how we can fit this fantastic development for you.